Orb Audio Mod2X Quickpack Satellite Overview

The orb audio mod2x quickpack satellite is a good computer speaker for you who need latest version of orb audio’s famed satellite speakers and don’t want spending a fortune. At under $490 price, this is one of a good speakers option on the market nowadays.

Orb Audio Mod2X QuickPack - Satellite Speakers and Desk Stand, Hammered Earth

As a good speakers, looking for a pair of small speakers for clean, detailed sound in a small to medium room? orb audio’s mod2x quickpack brings audiophile home speaker quality to your stereo or home theater system. this package features two of orb audio’s award-winning mod2x satellite speakers and a basic desk stand allowing the speaker to rest on a table or shelf. it is the perfect solution if you want big sound from a small, attractive package. each orb speaker is less than 4.25 inches in diameter and packs a custom, state of the art full-range speaker driver. while the round speaker shape is pleasing to the eye, it is the perfect embodiment of form following function as the acoustic benefits are remarkable. dialogue and vocals have excellent presence and music enjoys a rich reproduction that rivals much larger speakers. orb audio speakers are made in america from carbon steel and are available in a variety of finishes which can complement any decor. orb audio’s no-compromise approach to speaker design is also apparent with their use of neodymium magnets, oxygen-free internal wire, gold plated brass binding posts and aluminum drivers. the orb audio systems are also modular and upgradeable so you could expand on this configuration for a mod4x speaker or break them up into the smaller mod1x speakers if your needs change down the line. these speakers can also be used with a powered subwoofer for a full range sound which will rival much more expensive, floor-standing speakers and monitors. these are the exact same speakers featured in orb audio’s top ranked home theater systems! orb audio’s innovative direct business model also means you get more for your money. so, if you are looking for a pair of small speakers with superior sound quality in a stylish package, the orb audio mod2x quickpack is for you.

This orb audio mod2x quickpack – satellite speakers and desk stand, hammered earth appropriate for anyone who are looking for computer speaker with latest version of orb audio’s famed satellite speakers. features two x series aluminum / magnesium drivers in each channel for increased output and fuller sound. known for exceptional dialogue presence and detail in voices. great as standalone stereo pair or for use in existing system. made in usa.

It most comfortable and better to buy this speaker since get an opportunity to hear how real buyers felt about purchasing this computer speakers. Reviews by individuals who have purchased this orb audio mod2x quickpack satellite are valuable information to make choices. At the time of publishing this orb audio mod2x quickpack satellite review, there were no less than 4 reviews on this site. On average the reviews were extremely satisfied and we give rating 5 from 5 for this orb audio mod2x quickpack – satellite speakers and desk stand, hammered earth.