Hercules Xps 101 2.1 Multimedia Speakers (4769199) Features

At less than $60 price, the hercules xps 101 2.1 multimedia speakers (4769199) is one of a good speakers option on the market today. This is a good computer speaker for people who want high-performance 2.1 audio system and don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Hercules XPS 101 2.1 Multimedia Speakers (4769199)

As a good speakers, this hercules high-end 2.1 multimedia speaker system is one of the latest additions to the hercules multimedia speaker line. it is designed to suit music lovers, movie freaks, and game geeks alike with high-quality performance. the subwoofer houses 3 drivers: one 6″ main active driver, and two 6″ passive pressure drivers. the woofer’s wooden enclosure promises topnotch chest pounding bass. the stylish round-shaped satellites, with wideband drivers, offer rich and clear sound, with accurate treble and mid-range frequencies. the blue led backlight remote control has a simple interface, and all ports are located on the underside of the subwoofer for an uncluttered, clean look. this package offers total system power of 101 watts rms (2 x 20.5w for the satellites + 60w for the subwoofer). peak system power is 202 watts.

This hercules xps 101 2.1 multimedia speakers (4769199) appropriate for you who want computer speaker with high-performance 2.1 audio system. simply sublime, in terms of both sound quality and design. subwoofer with subwoofer driver on the front and two passive woofers (one on each side of the cabinet), for perfect rendering of bass frequencies. speakers are magnetically shielded, so as not to disturb your surroundings. satellite bottoms and top of subwoofer crafted of metal alloy and formed via the “die cast” pressure injection method. satellite stands made of clear plexiglas. piano-like finish on the satellites. connectors located underneath the subwoofer, for enhanced aesthetics. multifunctional remote control with pulse switch and backlighting.

Reviews by person who have tried this hercules xps multimedia speakers 4769199 are worth explanation to make resolutions. During the time of writing this hercules xps 101 2.1 multimedia speakers (4769199) review, there have been more than 31 reviews on Amazon. Most of the reviews were pleased and we give rating 3.2 from 5 for this hercules xps 101 2.1 multimedia speakers (4769199). It more comfortable and better to buy this laptop computer since get to be able to hear how real users felt about picking this computer speakers.

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