Genius Sp Hf1800A 50 W Three Way Hi Fi Wood Speakers Review

The genius sp-hf1800a 50 w three-way hi-fi wood speakers is an excellent speakers option for you who want output power: 50w. It’s a nice design computer speaker for less than $110 price.

Genius SP-HF1800A 50 W Three-way Hi-Fi Wood Speakers

As an excellent speakers, sp-hf1800a is the new 3-way hi-fi wooden speaker system with 50 watts rms audio output. with this 3-way design, sp-hf1800a uses hi-fi crossover technology that makes each speaker unit respond to high, middle and low frequency respectively. sp-hf1800a integrates all sound into the perfect enveloping effects around the listener with magnificent, balance, vivid, and richer quality. the middle driver uses the 4″ close frame speaker unit to deliver more accurate sound performance for vocal and most instruments from 500hz to 7,000 hz frequency. the lower 4″ woofer is for long and deep bass without distraction less than 500hz frequency. for personal sound preference, just adjust the bass and treble controls. there are two audio inputs with 2rca and 3.5mm sockets, on the back for connection to pc/tv/dvd player/game consoles. it also has an extra line-in jack on the front panel for connecting to an ipod, mp3 player, or cd player without disconnecting the speakers from the pc. and, it has a headphone jack for private listening.

This genius sp-hf1800a 50 w three-way hi-fi wood speakers appropriate for someone who need computer speaker with output power: 50w. s/n ratio: 85db. frequency response: 20hz – 20khz. line in and headphone jack. volume, bass, and treble controls.

During the time of uploading this genius sp-hf1800a 50 w three-way hi-fi wood speakers review, there have been more than 242 reviews on this site. Most of the reviews were greatly favorable and we give rating 3.9 from 5 for this genius sp-hf1800a 50 w three-way hi-fi wood speakers. It comfortable and better to get this speaker since get a chance to know how real buyers felt about purchasing this computer speakers. Reviews by people who have used or previously ordered this genius sp hf1800a three way hi fi speakers are valuable tip to make selections.