Creative Inspire 51Mf4115Aa002 Channel Subwoofer Explained

The speakers is one of the best deals speakers for less than $90 price and has an excellent computer speaker features. It’s high quality, sleek design, &v49.

Creative Inspire T6300 51MF4115AA002 5.1 Channel 22 Watt Subwoofer Speaker System

As an excellent speakers, our loudest inspire yet, creative takes the 5.1 movie, game and music experience one step further with the inspire t6300 — with full spectrum audio that features an enhanced mid-bass and amazingly accurate sonic imaging. coupled with a powerful down firing ported subwoofer, the system’s satellites feature the creative’s dse (dual slot enclosure) that allows the satellites to produce louder, more pronounced mid-bass. each satellite features a creative ifp (image focusing plate) for pinpoint sonic directivity and imaging. uniquely designed, the t6300 come with bold front satellites while being discrete with smaller rear and center satellites. surround yourself with the best-in-class audio experience today with the inspire t6300!

This creative inspire t6300 51mf4115aa002 5.1 channel 22 watt subwoofer speaker system suitable for you who want computer speaker with high quality, sleek design, &v49. clear sound. energy star certified. creative dse (dual slot enclosure) incorporates a truly functional, conventional port tube within a tight enclosure. this greatly improves frequency distribution of the whole system, delivering louder playback with more mid bass. creative improved ifp (image focusing plate) features a flare surrounding the satellites to improve sonic directivity and imaging, resulting in a wider acoustic sweet spot and giving music more focus while preserving tonal accuracy. distinctive front satellites that create a bold statement with smaller, accompanying rear and center positional satellites for more discrete placement. powerful down firing ported subwoofer with bass level adjust. integrated wired remote control with power on/of and volume control for convenience.

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