Arion Legacy Speakers Subwoofers Control Overview

The combination of arion legacy speakers subwoofers control and low price makes arion legacy speakers subwoofers control one of an excellent speakers on the market. It is easily the best deal computer speaker for under $120 price and has high marks from customers.

Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 300 Medium Size 2.1 PC Speakers with Subwoofers and Control Box

As an excellent speakers, the deep sonar 300 is the perfect all around upgrade for any pc or game systems. this 3 piece system brings powerful, clear sound that puts others in its class to shame. transform your room into an interactive multimedia center. a total of 5 acoustic drivers are carefully tuned and placed inside high density all wood cabinets to deliver rich, natural tones. beefy amplifier box allow multiple inputs and outputs for all your devices, and even comes with usb charging port for tablet and smartphone. please read the user manual carefully before using this product. incorrectly wired system may cause damages to the speakers.

This arion legacy deep sonar 300 medium size 2.1 pc speakers with subwoofers and control box fit for peoples who are searching for computer speaker with acoustically tuned woofers deliver clear and cohesive audio where it matters the most. desktop control box: adjust volume, bass, treble; switch between audio source 1 and 2; connect headphones and microphones; charge smartphones, tablets, mp3 players or bluetooth devices. package includes: two satellite speakers, one subwoofer, power adapter, 3.5mm extension cable, 3.5mm to rca cable, subwoofer cable (dual), left satellite cable (white), right satellite cable (red), control box, user manual. total peak power: 72 watts; total rms power: 33 watts; satellite rms power: 7.5 watts x 2; subwoofer rms power: 18 watts x 1. satellite dimensions: 3.94 x 7.13 x 3.94 inches; subwoofer dimensions: 7.01 x 7.04 x 8.03 inches; control box dimensions: 6.50 x 1.97 x 6.11 inches; usb power output: 5v / 1a.

At the time of uploading this arion legacy speakers subwoofers control review, there were more than 258 reviews on this web. Most of the reviews were really satisfied and we give rating 3.7 from 5 for this arion legacy deep sonar 300 medium size 2.1 pc speakers with subwoofers and control box. Reviews by people who have used or in the past bought this arion legacy speakers subwoofers control are useful information to make conclusions. It will better and more comfortable to get this speaker after get to be able to hear how real purchaser felt about ordering this computer speakers.